Yorkshire Kidney Screening Trial: new research on kidney cancer screening

Is kidney screening a feasible way to check for kidney cancer?

The Yorkshire Kidney Screening Trial (YKST) will investigate the feasibility of developing a full kidney cancer screening clinical trial. https://www.cambridge-urologicalmalignancies.org.uk/ykst

People taking part in a pioneering lung screening trial in Leeds will also be checked for kidney cancer, thanks to additional funding from Yorkshire Cancer Research. Patients who consent will have an extra kidney scan immediately following the CT scan of their lungs; this will add 10-15 seconds to the procedure.

Around six in 10 people with kidney cancer do not experience any symptoms, and they are often only diagnosed during tests for another condition or reason. This means over a third of patients are diagnosed at a late stage when the cancer is more difficult to treat. Just six in 10 patients with kidney cancer live for five years after diagnosis.

This trial is funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research, led by researchers Dr Juliet Usher-Smith and Professor Grant Stewart at the University of Cambridge, and delivered in partnership with Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, the University of Leeds and Leeds City Council.


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