Yale's Dr. Laurie Santos on Well-Being during COVID-19 (Coursera Live)

We’re living in an unprecedented time as COVID-19 impacts lives everywhere. As we navigate and adjust, how can we manage the many emotions we’re feeling?

Get expert insights from Dr. Laurie Santos, a Yale psychology professor who has taught 1+ million learners how to use research-backed strategies to boost their well-being.

Dr. Santos responds to questions from learners around the world with advice on how we can all prioritize our mental well-being during this challenging time, including:

– Reducing tension in a relationship while sheltering in place (1:11)
– Consuming news without increasing anxiety (3:24)
– Supporting healthcare workers and helping them prioritize self-care (5:19)
– Remaining positive when living alone (8:51)
– Staying focused and productive at work (10:36)
– Finding your next career or job if you’ve been laid off (12:47)
– Helping children who are struggling without their usual routine or friends (15:00)
– Creating positive experiences while in lockdown (18:26)
– Sleeping better, despite increased anxiety and stress (20:48)
– Coping if loved ones test positive for COVID-19 (23:57)
– Spreading kindness or making social connections while isolated (26:32)

Want to learn even more?

Join 1.5+ million learners and enroll in her course: https://bit.ly/2JDFFh6


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