Worst Job Interviews Ever (Part 2)

Have you ever had a bad job interview? You are not alone! Most people do. Some have many. And I’ve also had many. Here are my worst job interviews ever!

Part 1: https://youtu.be/eySFWEViCJQ

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Throughout my career, I have done many interviews – both as a jobseeker and as a hiring manager. I have also worked closely with both high-level and low-level recruiters and hiring consultants over the years.
In this video, I describe my worst job interview experiences as a jobseeker, and also present the lessons from these experiences.
This video is split into part 1 and part 2. Over the course of these two videos, I cover my worst interviews ever, bad job interview experiences, my bad job interviews, and all things to do with having a bad interview. The lessons I derive are for both jobseekers and interviewers.
So, if you have had your worst job interview ever (or simply your worst interview ever), take heart – it happens to us all.

Read more about Job Interviews: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Job_interview

There is a big difference between what you learn in business school, and what you need to know in the real world – just ask any startup founder or business owner! My goal is to focus on the real-world aspects of business, giving practical tips and tricks that are not usually covered in school.

This channel is a platform to help entrepreneurs and business owners succeed. It is also to help the world at large to be more effective and successful. The world can certainly use more inspiring leaders, more successful entrepreneurs, and more capable managers – that is what I would like to help bring about.

Who Am I?
I am a practicing management consultant, former CEO, and entrepreneur. I have led many businesses to success, as well as several startups. Among other things, I have an engineering degree, a master’s degree in finance, and a master black belt in lean six sigma.

I have worked across five industries, and have worked in both large enterprise and small businesses. In the last five years, I have also been mentoring startup founders and teaching business at a post-graduate level.

Why I Want To Involve My Community:
The only way this channel will succeed is with YOUR help. In order to know how best to proceed, I need constant feedback from YOU. What topics should I cover? What challenges are you facing? What questions do you have? What changes should I make?

Please contact me with questions, and I will try my best to help. Best of luck!

Why I Need Your Help:
It is also very important to me that this channel be financially independent, and not be sustained by corporate sponsors. That way, I can be objective and honest, without having to serve interested parties, or disguise promotions as “advice”. My professional reputation is very important to me. I will invest the money raised back into the video making process. Your support will allow me to continue producing videos on a regular basis, and with increasing quality and usefulness.

Thank you for being here and reading this, and have yourself an amazing day!

-Bill “The Companies Expert”


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