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World Travel Agency

My Experience with a Travel World Agency

Last year I had to use a travel world agency to organize a trip to Canada.

I have always travelled buying my flight tickets online and using great tools like to find hotels and experiences.

[sam_pro id=0_2 codes=”true”]But on this occasion my company needed all the details of the trip as well as the payment invoice. I had won a prize for my sales and all the requirements had to be met.

I started looking for tour packages and comparing prices. I found an interesting option in Mexico (where I live), with a good price for an eight days canadian tour.

I do not want to bore you with all the burocratic procedires I had to deal with, so I´m only going to tell you that the travel world agency helped me to made it easy.

I was a little affraid about the whole thing. I had never been to Canada and my expectations were really high.

I wanted to know as many places as possible within the budget of the company. The problem was satisfactorily solved.

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