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Who called Shah Mahmood Qureshi ahead of Imran Khan’s presser?
“I will keep silence over the matter,” says Shah Mahmood Qureshi
ISLAMABAD: PTI senior leader Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Monday said he can not disclose the name of the person who made the “important” telephone call prior to the press conference of former prime minister Imran Khan a day ago.

On Sunday, moments before the press conference of PTI Chairman Imran Khan, Shah Mahmood Qureshi received an “important” phone call, the video of which has gone viral.

It can be seen in the video that when Shah Mahmood Qureshi received the call, Imran Khan laughed and said: “Shut it down, it will be a disturbance.” But Shah Mahmood attended the call and then told Imran Khan the caller had said: “You take the call or we will trap you.” Imran Khan replied, “Do it.”

He said this twice. It is not clear who the caller was and in what context Imran Khan was “threatened” to be trapped.

When asked if the “important call” contained a message or threat, Shah Mahmood Qureshi told BBC Urdu, “I cannot disclose who made yesterday’s telephone call.”

Avoiding the question, he said, “I will keep silence over the matter.”

Moving forward, the PTI leader invited the people to participate in the Azadi March, adding that it is a decisive moment for the nation, BBC Urdu reported.

“Imran Khan was not given the required cooperation when he took action against the corrupt elements,” the former foreign minister claimed, adding that they demand free and fair elections in the country.

The delay in decision about early elections by the government would harm the country, warned Qureshi.

He maintained that early elections could be held in the country in end-September or at the start of October. ECP had also confirmed that they could hold elections in this timeline.

Responding to another question about the upcoming long march, the PTI leader said they would restrict their activists to Srinagar Highway.

He maintained that PPP Chairman Asif Ali Zardari is the major hindrance in holding early elections. He said Zardari wants PML-N to stick with the government and made difficult decisions. Zardari wanted to damage the reputation of PML-N, he added.

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