What Wall Street Did to EVICT Tenants to Make BILLIONS! (During Eviction Moratorium)

What Wall Street Did to EVICT Tenants to Make BILLIONS! (During Eviction Moratorium)

How Americas Biggest Landlords Made BILLIONS… Add me on IG @ThisisJohnWilliams

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Some of America’s Biggest Landlords apparently made Billions of dollars during the pandemic by kicking out non paying tenants by all means necessary. Some of the allegations against the biggest real estate investors, landlords and property investors is questionable. The big answer to this question is what is fair and right? If a landlord signs a lease with a tenant and the terms of the lease is that the landlord will maintain the unit or property and that the tenant pays said amount monthly and the tenant stops paying due to instructions from another party, who is wrong? Is it the tenant, landlord or the other party? What is fair and right in this landlord tenant relationship?

I believe we are entering a large wealth transfer from small mom and pop landlords over to large corporations and investors who will soon own most of americas housing stock and housing supply.

This will pose a huge issue for most property owners and small business owners over the coming five years as most equity and wealth is held in single family homes, duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes. These landlords tend to not have that much liquidity to make it through the hard economic times that we are in.

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