What is the culture of Indigenous people/ T'boli tribe/Mindanao Philippines

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In this video i want to introduce to you some of the T’boli Tribe culture. Their culture are unique.The traditional dress are called ” KEGAL T’BOLI. Beautiful costume decorated with embroidery, beading woven pattern. Their dances has different story. The unique dance movement is characterized by heads bowed low, arms extended sideward and forward and knees slighlty bent.The t’boli ritual is use to appease the gods; seek good harvest. One of their famous dance is the ” bird dance.” Bird dance is performed by T’boli tribe during planting and harvesting which mimic the flights and hops of the tahaw bird. T’boli dance is easymto learn as long as you are willing to dance and try. As i’ve said im not t’boli by birth but t’boli in the heart.Loving tribal people and their culture is one of my best method or things to do to stay in their beautiful place. T’boli tribe origin, “Lake Sebu, South Cotabato , Mindanao Philippines.” This is one of the beautiful places you’ve never regret here in the Philippines.

—– Please watch this video part 2–https://youtu.be/2VWXTF17M3s

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