What is Cryptocurrency & Blockchain technology Free Crypto Beginners Course

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Welcome to my Free Crypto Beginners Course (in Hindi Urdu). In this video, which is the first of this course, I’ve tried to explain about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. If you’re searching for What is cryptocurrency or Blockchain technology this video could be the answer. In this video I’ve also explained:
1- why cryptocurrency is not the correct word we should call it Blockchain Technology or Digital Assets and why people call it cryptocurrency? 00:00
2- crypto agar digital asset hai tu yeh crypto currency kaise ban gae? why crypto has a value? why it has become cryptocurrency? 07:54
3- What is the difference between Crypto Coins and Crypto Tokens 10:15
4- blockchain hoti kya hai? cryptocurrency kia hoti hai? 12:23
5- types of blockchains (blockchain ki kitni qismayn hayn?) 16:46
6- Crypto Smart Contract kya hota hai? 21:00
7- 3rd Generation Blockchains explained 24:49

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