V-145 Globalisation || Positive Impact of Globalisation || Negative Impact of Globalisation

This video explains the meaning of Globalisation. Globalisation is a process of integrating the economy of the country with other economies of the world through trade, capital flows and technology. It also explains Positive Impact of Globalisation. It covers Negative Impact of Globalisation too.


0.40 Globalisation
3.35 Positive Impact of Globalisation
5.21 Negative Impact of Globalisation

V-144 Gains of Privatisation || Failure of Privatisation

V-143 Privatisation || Need for Privatisation || Measures for Privatisation

V-142 Liberalisation || Tax reforms || Foreign Exchange Reforms || Trade & Investment Policy Reforms

V-141 Liberalisation || Industrial Sector Reforms || Financial Sector Reforms

V-140 Economic Reforms since 1991 || Reasons for Economic Reforms

V-139 Conclusion (Indian Economy(1950-1990)

V-138 Critical Appraisal of Industrial Development (1950-1990)

V- 137 Trade Policy : Import Substitution

V- 136 Small-scale Industry || Characteristics of SSI

V- 135 Industrial Policy Resolution 1956

V-134 Industrial development (1950-1990)

V- 133 Critical Appraisal of Agricultural Development(1950-1990)

V-132 Subsidy || In favour of Subsidies || Against the Subsidies

V-131 Failures of Green Revolution

V-130 Achievements of Green Revolution

V- 129 Green Revolution || Phases of Green Revolution

V-128 Land Reforms || Abolition of Intermediaries || Ceiling of land holdings

V-127 Agriculture Sector during 1950 to 1990

V-126 Objectives of Planning || Mordernisation || Self-reliance || Equity

V-125 Objectives of Planning (Growth)

V-124 Plan || Meaning of Economic Planning || Objectives of plan

V- 123 Types of Economies || Capitalistic Economy || Socialist Economy || Mixed Economy

V-122 Positive Contribution of British Rule

V- 121 Infrastructure on the eve of independence

V-120 Occupational Structure on the eve of Independence

V-119 Demographic Conditions on the eve of Independence (Part-2)

V- 118 Demographic Conditions on the eve of Independence (Part-1)

V-117 Foreign Trade on the eve of independence

V-116 Industrial sector on the eve of independence (part-2)

V-115 Industrial sector on the eve of independence – an introduction

V-114 Causes of Stagnation in Agriculture Sector

V-113 Land Tenure System

V-112 Agriculture Sector on the eve of Independence

V-111 Indian Economy on the eve of Independence (An Introduction)


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