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The website has been fully upgraded to support the usdt of trc-20 wave field chain, other wave field chains do not support, minimum 1usdt recharge, trx minimum 5TRX recharge!
Good news: Registered members can participate in receiving random red envelopes, up to 999trx red envelopes
Professional mining integrity company, the only official link:
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Deposit and project introduction
1: Transfer to the basic account
Cumulative deposit 0-30000 TRX, receive 4% every day
Accumulated deposit of 30000-200000 TRX, receive 5% every day
Accumulated deposit 200000-500000 TRX, receive 6% every day
Accumulated deposit 500000-1000000 TRX, receive 8% every day
Accumulated deposit 1000000-3000000 TRX, receive 10% every day
Accumulated deposit 3000000-100000000 TRX, receive 15% every day

2: Introduction to fixed investment projects
After the fixed investment period ends: the principal + income can be withdrawn in full
This project has 6 cycles: 3 days, 3 days, 15 days, 30 days, 60 days, 360 days
Details are as follows:
1.3-day cycle income: minimum investment of 100TRX, daily income of 5% (limited to 1 vote per person)
2. 3-day cycle income: minimum investment of 500TX, daily income of 6% (limited to 1 vote per person)
3. 15-day cycle income: The minimum investment is 10,000TRX, and the daily income is 8%.
4. 30-day cycle income: The minimum investment is 100,000TRX, and the daily income is 10%.
5. 60-day cycle income: The minimum investment is 1000000TRX, and the daily income is 12%.
6. 180-day cycle income: The minimum investment is 5000000TRX, and the daily income is 18%.
The longer the investment cycle, the better the return.
3: Recommend or invite friends to register and recharge TRX, 30% TRX for first-level users, 20% TRX for second-level users, and 10% TRX for third-level users.
Level 1 users will receive a 5% TRX reward for their deposit amount.
Level 2 users will receive a 3% TRX reward on their deposit amount.
Level 3 users will receive a 2% TRX bonus on their deposit amount.
Let the user know that he is promoting the product and can make money offline.
The minimum investment is 5 TRX. The higher the amount you deposit, the higher your income. Pledge crypto asset fund, creating a new paradigm of asset management. Become the world’s most influential decentralized encrypted asset

A management platform that allows everyone to use a portfolio of crypto assets for asset management.


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