Tribes with Extreme Traditions in Indonesia #shorts

Indonesia has 1,340 ethnic groups with various traditions.

The Nasu Palek tradition is a tradition of mourning Dani men to pay respect and condolences when a family member dies, namely by cutting off a little earlobe.
for women, first follow the Iki palek tradition until the fingers have been cut and then proceed with cutting a little earlobe.

The Naulu tribe has a tradition of beheading as a traditional ceremonial ritual for offerings. By beheading humans, the Naulu Tribe people believe they will be spared from calamity or danger. now this tradition has been officially banned by the government.

For the Dayak tribe, beheading a human is a way of proving courage and victory. Not all Dayak tribes carry out this tradition, only the Ngaju Dayak, Kenyah Dayak, and Iban Dayaks.
However, that tradition was abandoned in 1874.

For Mentawai women, beauty is measured by sharp teeth. The tradition of grinding teeth is one way for the Mentawai people to maintain a tradition that has existed for a long time.
The Mentawai people believe that women who have sharp teeth like sharks have more value.

Tana Toraja has a ritual of cleaning the bodies of the ancestors who died hundreds of years ago.
The ritual ceremony is held every August. after being removed from the grave, the body is cleaned and the clothes of the body are replaced.

This debus tradition is extreme because it uses a sharp object such as a machete or knife that is slashed or stabbed into the body without being injured. all because they have invulnerable knowledge. there is also peeling coconut with teeth, eating shard, body doused with hard water etc. Many TNI troops have debus knowledge, an American general said that the TNI has terrible knowledge that is not taught by any military forces in the world.
Debus has existed since 1532 during the reign of Sultan Maulana Hasanudin of Banten. Debus is used as a pump for the spirit of the people of Banten against the invaders.

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