Trend-following Investment Strategies with GoNoGo Charts

Trend identification is arguably the most important concept in technical analysis. And while position traders may be able to explain their process in simple terms: “cut losses short, let winners run,” applying these rules requires discipline. Join Alex Cole and Tyler Wood to learn more about how institutional traders focus on risk management, position-sizing, and a disciplined approach to capturing returns across multiple asset classes.

Investing is often a profession of regret. If the security trades against you and you regret ever buying it. Or, when the trade triples, you regret not buying more, or holding your position long enough. In this session, attendees will learn how to structure their own disciplined trading process with consistent rules that fit their trading strategy. Alex and Tyler will conduct the session with a view to current market trends across equity sectors and alternative asset classes.

About the presenters:
Alex Cole is a market analyst and software developer. Over the past 15 years, Alex has led technical analysis and data visualization teams, directing both business strategy and product development of analytics tools for investment professionals.

Tyler Wood is a seasoned business executive who has led the operational and business development activities of teams large and small. As an executive manager over the past 20 years, he built and brought products to market in the educational technology space and financial services industry.


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