TRAVEL – Mavic Mini Cinematic Video

Colour graded with DB Drone Cinematic LUTs –
“Happiness is a way of TRAVEL, not a Destination”.

I think the world “TRAVEL” was on everyone’s mind this year, since this pandemic shocked the entire world.
After the first lockdown here in Italy I realised how much I missed travelling, so I started going out and exploring every weekend, places “around me”, and what can I say….I can’t be grateful enough for the world we’re living in, and like with most things in life, we only start to appreciate something only when it’s gone.
We’ve now entered the second lockdown, and looking back at the past two months really got me thinking about life, and about how we, humans, take everything for granted in life.
Hope to be able to travel again soon enough.

A cinematic video shot entirely on the DJI Mavic mini.

Mavic mini
Mavic mini 2
My Main Drone

Mavic mini
Mavic mini 2
My Main Drone

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Instagram: @denis.barbas


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