Top 10 Richest Peoples on Earth | World Billionaires | Historical Ranking (1953 – 2020)

See who was the richest billionaires in the world from 1953 until 2020. The most recent billionaires are very famous persons such as Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Warren Buffett. Especially during the last months of volatile financial markets this list changed a lot. This video is a ranking by net worth of each billionaire in USD.

What do you think, will Elon Musk be the next richest person on the globe or will Jeff Bezos be successful defending his position? Leave your comment below 😉

If you have specific questions on this or other topics, just let me know and I will answer them in the next statistic videos.

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Source: Forbes Magazine, Inflation Calculators, Wikipedia, Wealth Estimates, CelebrityNetWorth, LoveMoney, Independent, Fortune


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