TOK finance gana en usdt o trx

The world’s largest investment platform, instant withdrawal of profits, 1000USDT free upon registration, investment income up to 20%

The world’s most professional TOK mining investment and wealth management company

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This platform provides three earning schemes, and you can easily earn USDT every day.
1. Regular investment projects, such as:
Choose a 90-day recurring benefit plan
Repayment method: withdraw all funds at maturity (principal + income)
Estimated income: 500*20%*90=500+9000=9500USDT

2. Basic wallet mining and withdrawal: 5.5% profit can be withdrawn every day, up to 13%

3. Recommend recharge to get rich rewards:
Rewards for recommending new users: 5% for first-level users, 3% for second-level users, and 1% for third-level users.

You invite users to:
A deposits 1000USDT and gets 50USDT
A invites B
B recharge and invest 1000USDT to get 30USDT
B invites C
Deposit 1000USDT to get 10USDT.

event reward one
Invite friends to join rewards:
Number of invitees: 3 friends reward: 5USDT, 10 friends reward: 15USDT, 20 friends reward: 30USDT, 50 friends reward: 100USDT, 100 friends reward: 250USDT, 200 friends reward: 550USDT, 300 friends reward: 1000USDT
The invited subordinates must deposit at least 10USDT to participate in the activity, and the activity rewards can be calculated cumulatively. For example: Invite 30 friends to join: 5+15+30+100=150USDT

Event Reward 2
Regional Manager Rewards:
Team size: 100 people
Monthly reward: 1500USDT
If the effective team members reach 100, they can apply to become a regional manager and receive an additional salary of 1500 USDT per month. Team members include first-level subordinates, second-level subordinates, and third-level subordinates are all effective members of your team

After registration, you will get 1000USDT experience coins. The way to get 1000USDT is to invite 15+1 level users. All users: Active users who have deposited more than 300USDT, and at least 1 VIP2 user, can contact us to apply for a 1000USDT reward.

If you don’t have a USDT wallet, you can install the Binance wallet, link:

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