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We did our For 91 Days in Ghana 2019 – it was a different world back then. Crazy how fast things change. Back then we used to be able to travel – not anymore though 🙁

With this downtime I was able to compile all the slow motion videos from our Time in Ghana. Looking at the footage now brings so many great memories back. Ghana you were incredible.

And if you’re interested in Ghana or miss it – this video brings you as close to the country as possible even without visiting in person. Our 3 month in Ghana, in slow motion – watching it makes me realize what a special time in our lives this was.

Read all about our time in West Africa on our Ghana Travel Blog:

This video was recorded with this camera: (affiliate link)


Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!):
License code: 2CFGCWX5TOOMHKYJ


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