The Sioux: Warriors of the North American Plains

Before colonization took ahold across the North American territories in the 15th century AD, various tribal civilizations existed across the beautiful continental landscape, from the swamps in the south to the woodland hills in the east to the plains in the midwest to the mountains in the central and the deserts in the west. Indigenous folk of a Pre-Columbus America dominated the countryside without even a thought of white settlers beckoning to explore their land in the centuries to come.

These tribes weren’t simply barbaric masses of savages and killers, but rather complex societies featuring thousands of languages and dialects, cultures with passionate obligations, political systems and leadership councils, and religions saturated with spiritualism and mythology. Unfortunately, however, a majority of these customs and beliefs were nearly wiped completely from the history books after the introduction of colonization in America in the 16th century, which saw the number of Native American populations decrease by hundreds of thousands.

Only microscopic portions of these tribes make up American demographics in the present day. In order to preserve their histories, cultures, and ways of life, this is the first in a series of brief essays documenting the rich details of Native American tribes, ranging from the First Nations in Canada to the nativos mexicanos in Mexico. This is the story of the Seven Council Fires, colloquially known as The Sioux.

0:00 Introduction
1:29 Culture
13:07 A Brief History

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