The Man That Hated Lemons | Cave Johnson | Full Portal Lore

Having formed Aperture Science, Cave Johnson is arguably one of the most eccentric, egotistical and brilliant people within the Half-Life and Portal universe. With his contribution to science, his ego and blind ambition ultimately led to his decline.

Why does Cave hate lemons? Would he have settled for a simple desk job, and how can his life’s work make a positive change for the future of humanity? In this lore episode, I explore the story and lore behind Cave Johnson in Portal.

00:00 Intro & World
01:28 Early Years & The Rise of Aperture
07:28 Cave’s Desperation & The Fall of Aperture
13:31 The Death of Cave & Aperture’s Last Stand
18:11 The Multiverse & Legacy
23:49 Closing Thoughts
26:14 LEMONS
26:48 Ending

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Standard Sources
Half-Life series playthrough research
Half-Life 2: Raising the Bar
Half-Life: Alyx Playthrough
Portal/ Half-Life Fandom
Aperture Desk Job
Portal 2
Old Valve Forums
Marc Laidlaw’s Twitter

Pre-War Ravenholm Map Used

Aperture Desk Job OST: Cave’s Office

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