The Demon Inside Me | Mental Health Awareness Video

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I can’t see the demon but I know it’s there

The demon controls my life, controls my thoughts and controls what I can and can’t do.

The demon inside me makes it difficult for me to see my friends and socialise

The demon inside me wants to be locked away in my room from the outside world

The demon inside me makes it difficult to talk to my family or others about how I’m feeling

The demon inside me wants to sleep and doesn’t like being disturbed

The demon inside me makes me question my own sanity and my own existence

The demon inside me is always there, when I close my eyes its their, when I open my eyes its their, it’s always there

The demon inside makes me feel different, I try hard to be and feel normal but the demon constantly reminds me that I’m not

The demon makes me feel like everyone else judges me and hates me

The demon inside me feels like it’s crushing my chest which makes it difficult for me to breathe.

The demon inside of me makes me suffer every second of every day and always reminds me it’s there.

The demon inside me enjoys my pain and suffering

The demon inside me is my mental illness




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