The Ancient World – Part 1: The First Civilizations | The History of the World – Volume I

This is the first part of The History of the World, a new documentary series. The video tells story of the first human civilizations; from ancient Egypt to the mighty Persian Empire.

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Trailer for the series:

Table of Content:

1:35 The Emergence of the First Civilizations
8:20 Stonehenge
10:05 The Bronze Age
12:20 Ancient Crete
15:50 The New Kingdom in Egypt
20:33 Tutankhamun
29:45 Mycenaeans in Greece
34:30 Ramesses II
42:40 The Late Bronze Age
44:55 Trojan War
51:58 Bronze Age Collaps
55:45 Ancient China
1:03:35 The Iron Age
1:04:35 Phoenicians
1:07:36 Kings of Israel
1:22:11 Assyrian Empire
1:26:30 Babylonian Empire
1:31:26 Making of the Bible
1:35:50 Conquests of Cyrus the Great
1:41:40 Persian Empire

The History of the World: Volume 1 – The Ancient World follows the rise and fall of the great kingdoms of the ancient world: the Egyptian civilization, Mohenjo Daro, the Mycenaeans of Greece, the first Chinese kingdoms, the Israelites, the Assyrian Empire – and much more. You’ll experience great battles, like Megiddo, Kadesh, the Trojan War and the Persian conquest. And you’ll witness first hand the great accomlishments of the first civilizations: farming, city-building, writing, trade, exploration and lawmaking. Some of the legendary figures of history are included here: Egyptian pharaohs like Thutmose, Thutankhamon and Ramesses; the heroes of the Mycenean Age, like Achilles and Hector; the great Jewish kings Saul, David and Solomon; and the mighty Persian rulers such as Cyrus and Xerxes.

To tell the history of the ancient world, dozens of different films, TV-series and documentaries have been used. This includes Exodus: Gods and Kings, Mohenjo Daro, Troy, Tut, The Bible, Mankind: The Story of All of Us and Andrew Marr’s History of the World.

Full Credits list:

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Also with music from:
Karl Jenkins & Miriam Stockley; Derek & Brandon Fiechter; Age of Conan; Guild Wars Nightfall/Factions; The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim/Online/Morrowind; Assassin’s Creed Origins; Disney’s Hercules; Two Steps from Hell; Inception; Kingdom of Heaven; Rome: Total War; World of Warcraft.

About The History of the World-series:

I have taken footage from hundreds of different historic films, TV-series and documentaries and put them together. The result is a historic narrative unlike anything you’ve seen before. From the first civilizations to present day, this series aims at telling the whole human story. From Gladiator to Gravity, from Alexander to Lincoln, from Vikings to Band of Brothers – this is the History of the World told in a whole new way. I have used footage from films, TV-series and documentaries from all over the world: Hollywood blockbusters, HBO TV-shows, Bollywood movies, Chinese cinema, European epics, Turkish television – everything is included.

Plan for the Project:

I: The Ancient World (10,000 BC-323 BC) – Out Now!
II: Age of Empires (300 BC-180 AD) – Out Now!
III: Rise and Fall (30-476 AD)
IV: The Dark Ages (476-1066)
V: The Age of Kings (1066-1492)
VI: New Worlds, New Faiths (1492-1648)
VII: The Road to Revolution (1648-1815)
VIII: Nation and Empire (1815-1918)
IX: The World at War (1918-1945)
X: The Modern Age (1945-Present Day)

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