The Amazing Ethnic Groups of Zambia

Zambia has 73 different ethnic groups and languages. Many of which are very unique in their traditions and festivals. Many groups in Zambia arrived to Zambia as part of the Bantu Migration, and are matrilineal. In this video, we discuss a few of Zambia’s ethnic groups:
3:55 – the Bemba People
5:05 – The Tonga People
6:36 – the Chewa People
7:40 – the Lozi People
9:02 – the Luvale people
10:12 – the Ngoni people
12:03 – the Kaonde people

If there are any details I missed (I didnt want to make the video too long), feel free to comment in the comment section. I do plan on coming back to Zambia to film and will go into more details on each group.

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