The 8 Types of Atheists in American Culture

“Atheism isn’t an identity” some say. In American culture, though, I believe it can be. Here I cover 8 kinds of atheists that exist in American culture, describing their unique features as well as their similarities. The types are Ex-Jehovah’s Witness, Ex-Fundamentalist, Ex-Muslim, Ex-Evangelical / Exvangelical, Ex-Mormon, Atheistic Pagan / Atheopagan, Sentientist / Ethical Vegan, and Atheistic Satanist (The Satanic Temple)

Thank you to JJ McCullough for the illustrations!

JJ’s 35 Tribes video:

Apostate Aladdin’s channel:


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————————-Resources for atheists in need————————-

Find a Secular Therapist:

Recovering from Religion helps connect those who are leaving or have left their religion with support, resources and community:

Resources for Ex-Mu’s:

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