The 5 Best Bank Accounts 2022 | High-yield savings accounts, CDs, and iBonds for a recession!

The Best Savings Accounts, CDs, and Bond accounts to open in 2022

With inflation raging at 8.6% YoY and the S&P 500 is now in bear market territory, you probably want a safer place to stick you hard earned savings! I’ve found the best high-yield savings accounts, CDs (certificates of deposits) and iBond / bonds for you to invest in with the highest returns.

I cover three situations that you might be in and different investment options.
1. Someone needing a safe place for their 3-6 months cash savings
2. Someone that has a large amount of cash saved up for a purchase (home, college, car, wedding, etc.)
3. Someone who sold out of the market and wants a place to keep their cash before investing back in

These accounts are paying significantly more than the national average for savings accounts, with one of them even beating the current inflation rate of 8.6%!

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