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  • Julia Simpson, CEO World Travel & Tourism Council EUdebates with Tourism Ministers in Dijon, France!

    Julia Simpson, CEO World Travel & Tourism. “The COVID-19 pandemic caused significant losses to the Middle East’s travel and tourism sector, but we now have reason for real optimism,” said WTTC President and CEO Julia Simpson. #Tourism #Europe #Crisis UNWTO has been recognized for asserting the values of tourism and promoting the sector as a […]

  • World Travel Awards Caribbean & North America Gala Ceremony 2018 Highlights

    Winners of the 2018 World Travel Awards Caribbean & North America regions were unveiled at a red-carpet ceremony on 21 September at Sandals Montego Bay in Jamaica. source

  • WORLD TRAVEL – Beijing China (Forbidden City / Tiananmen Square)

    Today as we World Travel in Asia, we continue our adventure in Beijing. The day was so eventful that I had to split it out in two videos. This video is the tour of the Forbidden city and Tiananmen Square and a tea tasting ceremony. Part 2 will be the visit to The Great Wall. […]

  • Ocean Dream Vacation Travel Video Guide

    Travel video about the Ocean Dream. PLANET TERRA takes you to each corner of the planet and helps you to discover the world with fascinating destinations, beautiful locations, great sound and colourful scenery. ————– Watch more travel videos ► https://goo.gl/MXPgSs Join us. Subscribe now! ► https://goo.gl/awdDrh Arcadia Television Live TV: https://www.arcadiatelevision.com Be our fan on […]

  • Davos| Winter | Switzerland | World Travel Studio

    Davos is a winter and summer resort village located in the heart of the Graubünden in the east of Switzerland. In the early 90s, Davos became famous for hosting the World Economic Forum, an annual winter gathering of international politicians and financiers who represented a transnational elite. Together with the nearby town of Klosters, Davos […]

  • Patagonia Vacation Travel Video Guide

    Travel video about destination Patagonia. Patagonia is the most southerly region in Argentina and the second largest state in South America. A dream destination of strong winds, endless plains, glacial landscapes and total isolation at the end of the world.In the Tierra Del Fuego region, Ushuaia is known as the Gateway to Antarctica and is […]

  • Travel to Poland – Krakow – 4K – Old Town Main Square – 2022 #Shorts

    Walk starts on Rynek Glowny or Main Square in Krakow Old Town where most of the tourist attractions such as Church of St. Wojciech, Town Hall Tower, Phoenix House, The Cloth Hall, St. Mary’s Basilica and many others are located. Stare Miasto, Krakow’s vibrant old town, is packed with traditional Polish restaurants, hotels and antique […]

  • Travel to Lithuania – Vilnius – 4K – Wondering in the Old Town at night – 2022

    Vilnius Old Town is lively place all the time and some places are opened late at night as well as during the day. We are as well passing by the Bell Tower of St. John’s Church and of course St. John’s Church itself. Walking ends near Vilnius University Chaplin’s Office. Hit the “Like” and smash […]

  • Dubai Vacation Travel Video Guide

    Travel video about destination Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is a fairy-tale holiday paradise with romantic desert scenery and a long history. Like an ancient kingdom from the ‘One Thousand And One Nights’, it’s the second largest state in the United Arab Emirates located on the northern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. The […]

  • Botswana Vacation Travel Video Guide

    Travel video about destination Botswana. Botswana is the largest natural paradise in southern Africa. Limited tourism, a combination of untouched wilderness and the comfort and luxury of a handful of safari camps, makes this Africa’s model country. Our journey begins in nearby Zimbabwe that is located close to Botswana’s northern frontier at Victoria Falls that […]

  • World Travel & Tourism Council & Department of Tourism Philippines Press Conference 2021

    Copyright © World Travel & Tourism Council. Any reproduction without the World Travel & Tourism Council’s written consent or illegal distribution of the content in any form will result in immediate action against the person/companies concerned. #WTTC #TravelandTourism source

  • Taj Mahal Vacation Travel Video Guide

    Travel video about destination Taj Mahal in India. Islamic architecture’s most beautiful building, the Taj Mahal, is located on the southern shore of the Jumna Rive close to Agra in Northern India. This mighty mausoleum was built on the orders of the Mogul King, Shah Jehan, for his favourite wife.Surrounding an inner core of stone, […]

  • Rhodes Old Town, Rhodes, Greece – July 2013

    I thought it was time to upload some more travel videos. This is a video looking back to July and images around the Old Town of Rhodes, including the historic buildings, architecture, walls, moat, buildings and towers in and around this area. These include views from the tallest tower in Rhodes Old Town over the […]

  • Top 5 Places to Visit in Miami, Travel Blog, Exploring World #shorts #americatourism #miamibeach

    Top 5 places in Miami to visit. Top 5 tourist places in Miami. #top5placesinMiami #top5places #Miami #visitMiami #visitAmerica #visitusa #Miamibeach #Tourism #Travelblog #shorts #youtube Our videos would be related to Travel, Food, adventure travel, romantic travel, trekking, solo traveling, backpackers, luxury travel and living life to the fullest, exploring the world, and much more! places […]

  • Thailand (Asia) Vacation Travel Video Guide

    ✱ 25.176 Hotels in Thailand – Lowest Price Guarantee ► https://booki.ng/2X48AAo Travel video about destination Thailand. Thailand is a land of smiles and sunshine, the gem of Asia. A fascinating land of contrast, chaotic traffic, serene temples, poverty, wealth, hustle and contemplation.The metropolis of Bangkok boasts many wonderful sights such as Wat Phra Kaeo, the […]

  • Study Abroad Switzerland

    The birthplace of the Red Cross and home to the second largest United Nations office, Switzerland has more than just study abroad programs in Global Health, Tourism, and Multilateral Diplomacy. Known as a safe haven for investors because of its high degree of confidentiality, Switzerland offers students the chance to explore the Swiss Alps, marvel […]

  • Travel Video Guide Discover La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Riviera Nayarit, Mexico

    Discover La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Riviera Nayarit, Mexico La Cruz de Huanacaxtle is a tranquil town north of Puerto Vallarta, settled in the 1930′s and located approximately twenty minutes from Puerto Vallarta. “La Cruz,” as it is known to the locals, is a picturesque fishing village with all of the ingredients for a peaceful, relaxing […]

  • Vannes (France) Vacation Travel Video Guide

    Travel video about destination Vannes in France. Vannes is the capital of the Département Morbihan on the French Atlantic coast and within its mighty walls hides a historical architectural treasure.Half-timbered houses that date back to the 15th and 17th centuries form the medieval centre of Vannes and can be found on the square dedicated to […]

  • Alhambra Vacation Travel Video Guide

    Travel video about destination Alhambra in Spain. Built during the 13th and 14th centuries, the Alhambra is a group of buildings that overlook Granada. The finest example of Moorish architecture, it was a magnificent citadel for the Moorish kings of Spain. When the Moors were expelled from Spain the citadel was mutilated but in the […]

  • Barcelona (Spain) Vacation Travel Video Guide

    ✱ 2.975 Hotels in Barcelona – Lowest Price Guarantee ► https://booki.ng/2tnZ2Tf Travel video about destination Barcelona in Spain. Barcelona is one of the most lively harbor cities on the Mediterranean and after Madrid, Spain’s second largest city and the capital of Catalonia. Intimate squares, small palaces and tangled alleys provide a good insight into its […]

  • Cape Town Tourism: Facebook Holiday

    Our client, Cape Town Tourism, briefed us to come up with an online campaign that also promotes the unexpected side of Cape Town. All the small communities, never-heard of places and unearthed gems that can’t be found on Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet, Expedia, or even Google. So we thought, we can’t send everyone to Cape […]

  • Mumbai (India) Vacation Travel Video Guide

    ✱ 870 Hotels in Mumbai – Lowest Price Guarantee ► https://booki.ng/2SLIDqf Travel video about destination Mumbai in India. Formerly known as Bombay, Mumbai is one of the largest cities in the world with a population of around 17 million. It was constructed on a headland that extends for 22 kilometres into the Arabian Sea. In […]

  • Tripoli Vacation Travel Video Guide

    Travel video about destination Tripoli in Libya. Tripoli is the capital of the desert state of Libya. The old town is known as the Medina and with its narrow lanes and squat buildings it is a combination of Arabian, North African and Mediterranean cultures. The joie de vivre of the local people is obvious and […]

  • World Travel Awards Africa & Indian Ocean Gala Ceremony 2019 Highlights

    Winners of the 2019 World Travel Awards Africa & Indian Ocean regions were unveiled at a red-carpet ceremony on 1 June at Sugar Beach – A Sun Resort in Mauritius. source

  • Utah (USA) Vacation Travel Video Guide

    ✱ 2.992 Hotels in Utah – Lowest Price Guarantee ► https://booki.ng/2EaSBcw Travel video about destination Utah in USA. The State of Utah is located in the south west of the United States of America is a land of endless horizons, canyons, deserts and big open spaces. What Mecca is to the Moslems and Rome is […]

  • Chiang Mai (Thailand) Vacation Travel Video Guide

    ✱ 1.987 Hotels in Chiang Mai – Lowest Price Guarantee ► https://booki.ng/2SxwMg1 Travel video about destination Chiang Mai in Thailand. Chiang Mai is the most important city in northern Thailand and is located within a fertile river valley three hundred metres above sea level. The City of Temples was founded in 1296 and was once […]

  • Luxor Vacation Travel Video Guide

    Travel video about destination Luxor in Egypt. Egypt’s Golden Age commenced with Thebes, known today as Luxor, which lies on the eastern bank of the Nile. Homer referred to Luxor’s temples as, „El-Uqsor“, “The Place of Palaces”. From Ramses to Tut-ench-Amun…from Tutmosis to Hatschepsut…Egyptian rulers have bequeathed a priceless inheritance of monumental architecture. Statues from […]

  • Caribbean Islands Vacation Travel Video Guide

    Travel video about destination Caribbean Islands. Haiti is the starting point of this journey in the Caribbean. Since the time of Columbus, it has been the European idyll of paradise set amid a distant ocean. But beyond the dream is the fact that its original inhabitants were wiped out and replaced with African slaves. Now […]

  • Mongolia Vacation Travel Video Guide

    Travel video about destination Mongolia. Mongolia is a land between sky, steppes and desert. Extreme, exotic, and mostly undiscovered, home to nomads, ringers, eagle hunters and horsemen. A land of adventure!Ulaanbaatar is the capital of Mongolia and is a metropolis set amid the steppes, truly the pulsating heart of the country that combines the cultures […]

  • Espana Vacation Travel Video Guide

    Travel video about destination Espana. We begin our journey in the Spanish province of Galicia. The Romans conquered San Diago de Compostela, a harbour city that has always been associated with the sea and since the Middle Ages it was, apart from Jerusalem and Rome, the most important pilgrimage destination in Christendom.Some centuries ago each […]

  • Canada (North-America) Vacation Travel Video Guide

    ✱ 13.421 Hotels in Canada – Lowest Price Guarantee ► https://booki.ng/2UWEPj9 Travel video about destination Canada. The journey starts in Halifax and stretches right across Canada, from east to west and from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Halifax is situated in a deep, well-defined bay on the Atlantic coastline and has one of the most […]

  • Symi Town, Symi, Greece – July 2013

    Back to my Summer Greek island adventure…From Rhodes we took the ferry to the Greek Island of Symi. This video shows the absolutely stunning little port town of Symi, capital of the Greek island Symi. As you will probably be aware there is a great tradition in Greece of naming capital cities of islands after […]

  • What to Do In Hanalei Bay Town, Kauai on Travel with Kate

    Whether you are drawn to Hanalei Bay, Kauai for the natural beauty, the surfing, the hiking, or the beach, you will inevitably spend some time in town wandering around, relaxing with a tropical drink and enjoying a meal. Here is a glimpse of what awaits you. For more from Kate come to Travelwithkate.com PHOTO CREDIT: […]

  • Cape Town and Surroundings HD – South Africa Travel Channel 24

    For more Wildlife Documentaries http://www.photosofafrica.com/f839958255 for more Photos… Cape Town and Surroundings HD – Cape Town airport offers an excellent entry point to South Africa. The airport has recently undergone extensive renovations to bring it into line with international standards. When in South Africa it is advisable to hire a car as many destinations are […]

  • Egypt Cruise Travel Video – Nile River Tour


  • Malaysia's Most Wanted (Travel Guide) – Petaling Street (China Town)

    Welcome to the second episode of Malaysia’s Most Wanted! This week we check out a China Town in Petaling Street , KL . Malaysia’s Most Wanted Written And Presented By Mark O’Dea Filmed By Ramon Erhard If you enjoyed the video please give it a like and subscribe to my channel for more videos!! Tweets […]

  • SITA World Tours – Every Continent Is Yours To Discover

    SITA 30 Sec Commercial 3 source

  • COP26 – Driving Climate Action: A Net Zero Roadmap for Travel and Tourism

    Copyright © World Travel & Tourism Council. Any reproduction without the World Travel & Tourism Council’s written consent or illegal distribution of the content in any form will result in immediate action against the person/companies concerned. #WTTC #TravelandTourism source

  • Niagara Falls Vacation Travel Video Guide

    Travel video about destination Niagara Falls. The legendary Niagara Falls is located on the border of the United States and Canada and the dull rumble of its raging waters gave the Niagara River its Indian name of Thundering Water. Travelling at up to fifty kilometres an hour and with several treacherous rapids, the Niagara is […]

  • Delft in Holland, the tourist city tour

    City tour of Delft, produced by http://www.delftstudy.nl .Delft is the small Amsterdam of the Netherlands. The center has many small canals and is worth to visit by tourists in Holland. The highlights of the city Delft can be seen in this video. Delft is a student city with three universities and is famous for its […]

  • Marseille Vacation Travel Video Guide

    Travel video about destination Marseille in France. Marseille is the most important city in Provence and is situated on the south coast of France. From a distance, one of Marseille’s main landmarks rises high above the harbor, the seafarers’ church of Notre-Dame de la Garde. With abundant internal furnishings, Byzantine arches, golden mosaics and numerous […]

  • World Travel Awards 2015 Highlights

    Join World Travel Awards as we celebrate the Grand Tour 2015, with Gala Ceremonies in the United Arab Emirates, Seychelles, Italy, Colombia, the Bahamas, and Hong Kong. During a year to remember, World Travel Awards also welcomed industry leaders to Morocco for a star-studded Grand Final in December. Take a look with this exclusive video […]

  • ECUADOR: Tourism Travel Video, with Mark Chesnut from LatinFlyer.com

    More about Ecuador: www.LatinFlyer.com. During his most recent trip to Ecuador, travel writer Mark Chesnut, who’s also editor of LatinFlyer.com, participated in a special travel video, in conjunction with Ecuador’s Ministry of Tourism, highlighting the many vacation options in this South American nation. The visuals are stunning! See more from Mark’s trip — and his […]

  • Sun City Vacation Travel Video Guide

    Extravaganza: A spectacular display of Sun City. Sun City is the Las Vegas of South Africa and is located just 140 kilometres west of Johannesburg. It’s a feast of lavish hotels, entertainment and fantasy amid an abundance of African ambience.Water World is the perfect paradise for water sport enthusiasts. Kept at a constant temperature, a […]

  • Zanzibar Vacation Travel Video Guide

    Travel video about destination Zanzibar in Tanzania. Zanzibar is a paradise-like island just off the Tanzanian coast. An island of spice and exotic aromas, sultans’ palaces, harems, shining white beaches and fiery red sunsets. The ancient oriental city of Zanzibar derived its name from its many old stone buildings. Charming and mysterious, they have witnessed […]

  • Lachung, North sikkim – A beautiful quite village and Gateway to yumthan valley

    Lachung, North sikkim – A beautiful quite village and Gateway to yumthan valley. Music from http://teknoaxe.com. source

  • Peru Vacation Travel Video Guide

    Travel video about destination Peru. Lima is the capital of Peru, the second largest country in South America after Brazil and Argentina.The Palacio De Gobierno is also known as Pizzarro, or Government Palace. This Neo-Classic building was completed in 1938 and stands on the foundation of the former Pizzarro Palace. In the palace gardens is […]

  • Nevada Vacation Travel Video Guide

    Travel video about destination Nevada. Nevada is the heart of America’s west, gateway to a wild and spacious wonderland that is full of amazing surprises and outrageous contradictions.Las Vegas appears like a mirage in the desert, awake night and day, THE entertainment capital of the world! Guarded by a sphinx that stretches its paws out […]

  • Vienna Vacation Travel Video Guide

    Travel video about destination Vienna in Austria. Vienna is one of the world’s most beautiful, historic cities, brimming with nostalgia and with all the grand architecture of a once glorious empire, for three centuries it was home to the Austrian monarchy. The architectural image of the city is dominated by the Ringstrasse, a four kilometre […]

  • Ocean Institute Sea Explorer | California Oceanography Research | California Travel Tips

    California travel expert Veronica Hill interviews sea captain Mike Burske of the RV Sea Explorer whale watching boat in this episode of “California Travel Tips.” Burske highlights the features of the marine science / oceanography research vessel, which include a plankton net and benthic sampler. It departs from the Ocean Institute in Dana Point Harbor […]

  • Finland Vacation Travel Video Guide

    Travel video about destination Finland. Finland is a land of a thousand lakes and eternal forests, a land of log cabins and Orthodox churches – a midsummer’s dream in the extreme north of Europe.Helsinki, ‘The Daughter of the Baltic’, ‘The Gibraltar of the North’, a dividing line between east and west and a modern and […]

  • Argentina Vacation Travel Video Guide

    Travel video about destination Argentina. Argentina is the second largest country in South America and a captivating land of tango, adventure and breathtaking nature.Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and the most European city in South America with buildings that are reminiscent of bygone times. The mighty Plaza De Mayo is the historic heart […]

  • Ethnic Cultural Festival, Luang Prabang, Laos part 4

    http://saodarly.com/ Closing night of the first ethnic festival held in Luang Prabang, Laos, on October 31, 2010. source

  • Namibia Vacation Travel Video Guide

    Travel video about destination Namibia. Windhoek is the flourishing capital of Namibia and it is from here that we begin a journey through this country and experience some of the magic of the Dark Continent on a luxurious train – the Desert Express!Dating back to colonial times, the Christ Church is a reminder of the […]

  • Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO Best Walk – New York City Travel Guide

    Welcome to http://www.goandseetv.com!! We proudly present our Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO tour video which will show you the best places to get great views and photos on your visit to the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City!! Our blog post shows you how to plan your visit, the locations and sights in our video, and […]

  • Fish Spa Manila Ocean Park – Manila Tour – WOW Philippines Travel Agency

    http://www.manilacitytour.com/tours/manila-ocean-park-tour/index.php Enjoy a fun filled and exciting Manila Tour with WOW Philippines Travel Agency as we take a tour of the FISH SPA at Manila Ocean Park. Visit our Manila Tours website for a complete list of Manila City Tours. source

  • Yehliu Vacation Travel Video Guide

    Travel video about destination Yehliu. In the north of Taiwan close to the second largest harbour in Keelung is one of the world’s greatest natural wonders. Due to its bizarre rock formations, Yehliu Park provides visitors with scenery that could be from a distant planet. But the polymorphic shapes of the rock are not extraterrestrial […]

  • Cabo Verde (Africa) Vacation Travel Video Guide

    ✱ 655 Hotels in Cabo Verde – Lowest Price Guarantee ► https://booki.ng/2TPvmKi Travel video about destination Cabo Verde. Cape Verde is an exotic island world, an archipelago off the coast of West Africa it combines the flair of the Canaries with the charm of Africa. Explorers Christopher Columbus and Vasco Ad Gama lay anchor there […]

  • Trier in Germany Tourism Tourismus Trèves Germany's oldest Town Deutschland Travel Mosel tourisme

    Europe Video Productions travel video: Trier in Germany Tourism Video – Visit Trier Germany’s oldest Town – German Travel video – Mosel Deutschland – Moselle Valley tourism – Porta Nigra – roman heritage and ruins – UNESCO World Heritage site – Trèves Allemagne tourisme – Trier Tourismus. More Europe and Germany related travel videos: http://www.europevideoproductions.com/ […]

  • Jamaica (North-America) Vacation Travel Video Guide

    ✱ 1.679 Hotels in Jamaica – Lowest Price Guarantee ► https://booki.ng/2BwAcoD Travel video about destination Jamaica. Montego Bay is Jamaica’s second largest city which, at the end of the 18th century, was one of the most important harbours for the island’s sugar industry. The lively city centre is a mixture of both old and new […]