Switzerland Village| Zermatt A car free swiss town| Travelling and cultures #SwissAlps #shorts #ASMR

This video is about the most popular travel destination of Switzerland known as Zermatt. Zermatt, in southern Switzerland’s Valais canton, is a mountain resort renowned for skiing, climbing and hiking. Must knows about Zermatt:
The scenery is stunning
Zermatt is surrounded by the highest peaks of the Swiss Alps, including the famous Matterhorn;
Zermatt is car free;
Zermatt isn’t cheap but definitely worth the money. Zermatt is a car free luxurious alpine village surrounded by the highest peaks of Switzerland.
Zermatt is the ideal place for anyone who is looking for perfection: a car free village in a perfect landscape with the best shops, hotels, restaurants and chalets. If you’ve never been to Switzerland, a picture perfect town like Zermatt is probably what you have in mind when thinking about your first visit. It is easy to reach by the world famous Glacier Express!


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