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India proudly stands at the world’s number 2 in producing the best man power and working force.

However, it indicates a problem. We train our young talent to have a career and work at multinational companies – Even after 75 years of Independence, we still work as machines instead of creating value.

Value generation is the most important asset for a young country like ours; one such value our country must hone is that of our sport athletes and players.

It’s time for us to pay attention to the sportsmen and workmen of our country outside of Olympic and World Cup Seasons.

Today, most talented athletes are choosing alternative careers, as college sports is not so common in India.
As part of our initiative to start a conversation on the life cycle of sport in India, we’re in conversation with a one of its kind consulting firms – Crayon skills, a team of mentors who guide athletes in their sport development journey from high school to their graduation.

They provide clear roadmaps for students who want to pursue sports along with their professional education.

Let’s welcome Vikram Anand the CEO of Crayon academy for skills excellence to speak about how their team is facilitating the college admissions anywhere in the world.


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