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Study Abroad in 2023

This is a replay of an Instagram live session with our admissions manager Queensley, where she talked about the study abroad processes for the USA and Canada.

Here is a short list of the things she spoke about during the session

👉🏾 The required exams that are needed to get admission to universities in Canada and USA
👉🏾 How to calculate your tuition fees if you choose to study in any of these countries.
👉🏾 Visa requirements needed for both countries and how you can make the dream of migrating with your family possible and so much more.

If you are planning to study in the USA or Canada in the year 2023, be among the early birds and reach out to us today to begin your application processes.

As always, we keep you updated and informed during our sessions and today’s session wasn’t any different. So, sit watch and stay informed with us.


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