Study Abroad Essentials: what I cant live without

In this video I am going to be discussing study abroad essentials and what I absolutley cant live without abroad. I talk about keeping organised, tips for the day you actually travel, packing your suitcase and dorm necessities.

I discuss the type of travel bags and suitcases to buy and the importance of keeping your documents together. I also offer some guidance for buying the dorm bedding and prepping for your first night abroad.

Suitcase (similar) :

Packing Video:
Updated Packing video:

FAQ’s About Me 🙂
Age: 21
Year in School: Rising Junior at The College of Charleston
Major: Arts Management & Creative Writing
Where I’m From: Washington, D.C.

Instagram: @katie.blake7
Tiktok: @katieblake06

business inquiries:

Music by Gil Wanders – Lost / Found –

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