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HQ sounds here:
“Warm Cinematic Blues”(AnyStyleX), also called “Neon Sand”(Claustrophile), is soothing romantic music with a positive atmosphere and a light, unobtrusive lofi sound. Soft piano, dry kalimba and simple guitar melody soothe and help you relax.

Was created for sooting projects. That you can used in various type of productions, such as presentations, corporate videos, successful and business videos, TV commercial, radio commercials, advertising and marketing videos, web advertisements, websites, films, documentaries, podcasts, broadcasts, games, applications, photo slideshows, for YouTube or Vimeo videos and more.

This is a royalty-free music, but we purposely did not add any watermark because:
-If your project is not commercial and you don’t plan to monetize video on YouTube , you can take this music directly from this video for Free…
-For commercial projects, we recommend that you purchase a Royalty-free license and get our music in studio quality. The license allows you to fully monetize your video.

Buy a license and download “Warm Cinematic Blues” in high quality, you can here:


Stay tuned as more tracks will be released in the coming weeks and months.
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Can I use this track in my video?
-Yes, you can use this music in your video. To do this, you need to purchase a license, after you purchase a license you will receive the full right to use this audio track in your video or another project.
-Using our tracks ON YOUTUBE: Once your video is online please

Will I have a problem with Copyright?
No, you will not have problems with copyright. After purchasing a license you will get certificate which will confirm that you have full rights to use this audio track in your video or other project. If one suddenly you will receive a letter about copyright infringement, which I doubt, you can show this certificate and the problem will disappear.

Can I purchase a license later.
Yes, you can purchase a license at any time. After that please visit to and fill in the form: your video URL, number of license certificate etc. Then your video will be cleared of any claims (up to 96 hours, usually much faster) and you can set up full monetization of your video.


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