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Smart Digital Wealth Management using Graph Data

In the graph banking database, we set customer, account as nodes, and create some new feature nodes like a sum amount alarm, if the customer has a mortgage loan, we will add an LTV alarm.
And we will set different wealth products as nodes, e.g. Certificate of Deposit, multiple types of Funds, Bond, Insurance, Security, Heloc loan, and so on.
Here is an action example, when the LTV alarm meets less than 50% condition. The bank will pull a message to you through the bank mobile app automatic notification system to friendly recommend the customer to get a cash amount through  Heloc.
It especially works well for the private banking system. When a customer’s all account total amount meets a certain number, the system will select the suitable products and send it through the bank mobile app automatic notification system to give the customer a message to show how to make money.
It’s just an example, but we can imagine how graph data impacts the banking system.


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