SD- Financial Investment Journey- FIJ- Part 4 of 4

​@Dr Bhavdeep Ahuja
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What will be discussed in this session?
Part 4 of the 4 Vital Parts of Journey – Portfolio Construction Culminates
Practice Stage Wise and Money Wise Deconstructing the same
1. 5 things to do with your salary / income!
2. How To Plan Your Finances When You Have Irregular Income?
3. 4 Scenarios that call for a Revision in your Financial Plan!
4. Things To Learn And Not Learn From Parents in Today’s Times!
5. 5 Rules To Keep Your Child’s Future Financially Secure!
6. Why should you start your children’s education planning early?
7. Basic Steps to Reduce the Debt Burden.
8. Tips and Tricks to Save Money!
9. Steps to Financial Freedom
10. Make a personal budget in 5 easy steps
11. Young Earners: How to Kick-start Your Financial Journey?


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