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Saving The FREE Abandoned Airplane

Get Current, use my code REBUILD for a chance to win and learn more:

We answer the questions that you all have been asking! We show you the uncut footage from the highspeed taxi, talk about what caused the smoke, inspect the 401, and meet with the APs. Can the Cessna 401 be saved? We are really worried about what we are going to find behind the inspection plates, if there are large amounts of corrosion…this could be the end of the 401. We had two APs stop by to check over everything and tell us if the 401 project can continue.

Banking services provided by Choice Financial Group and Metropolitan Commercial Bank, Members FDIC.

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Please support the 401 project with a donation to our gofundme. Anything you can offer is greatly appreciated!

CHECK OUT THIS LINK….. its free…

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