Salzkammergut Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Salzkammergut in Austria.
The Salzkammergut is located in the heart of Austria, a wonderful and romantic landscape set between breathtaking mountains and beautiful lakes. It was here that the Emperor Of Austria once spent the summer months and enjoyed all the benefits of this health resort in which salt, this region’s white gold, was once worked and where objects that date back to prehistoric times have been discovered.St. Gilgen is situated at the western end of the lake. It is set among captivating scenery at the foot of the Zwölferhorn Mountain that has a cable car service. Attractive houses, hotels and a city hall contain modern comforts hidden beyond a romantic façade and it was here that Mozart’s mother was born. A journey by hot air balloon is an amazing way in which to explore this fascinating landscape and from the sky it is far easier to gain a better perspective of the geology below. Nature defined the borders of this landscape: in the east the landscape stretches to the edge of the Tote Gebirge, a labyrinth of mountains with areas of karst and fields of mountain pine; in the south it extends to the snow covered Dachstein Mountains and their many caves. In the south west, the Tennen-Gebirge. In the west is the broad sweep of the Fuschl-See that marks the edge of the mountain region and in the north are the gentle hills of the Voralpen. Within the idyllic Almtal and its main village of Grünau is the untouched and romantic Alm See which is surrounded by the rugged mountain slopes of the Toten Gebirge that was formed by the glaciers of the Last Ice Age. Well appointed mountain huts and picturesque views across the gigantic peaks of the Gosaukamm Mountains to as far as the Bischofsmütze are a welcome reward to all who venture here. The views here are famous across the world. With the Dachstein Mountains as a backdrop this scene has featured on many a picture postcard. Its remote location set between mountains and lakes is truly captivating. A landscape of both history and culture: The Salzkammergut, a veritable paradise in the heart of Europe!

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