(S3: Ep 39) Motorcycle Travel Australia: Great Ocean Road from Warrnambool to Apollo Bay, Victoria

Motorcycle Travel Australia: In this action-packed episode of our Big Lap of Australia – Take 3, we explore the coastal city of Warrnambool, before riding along the first section of the Great Ocean Road. We call in to Bay of Islands, London Bridge, and Gibson’s Steps along the way. We ride Lavers Hill grateful that it is not raining, and enjoyed our first very curvy ride for quite some time. We make a short detour to Cape Otway to see the lighthouse through spectacular forest, but unfortunately the lighthouse is closed. We arrive in Apollo Bay exhausted after a huge day on the bikes, and look forward to the next day of riding to Lorne.

// It’s now or never! Join our journey as we explore Australia & New Zealand by motorcycle or any way we can – learning as we go – converting Fear into Knowledge, and Knowledge into Wisdom.

Music: Epidemic Sound

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As well as keeping our small group of vicarious travellers entertained, we make these Vlogs in honour of our Future Selves, who will one day be unable to physically cash the cheques our minds might desire to write. We will hopefully thank our Past Selves for going to all the effort of filming and editing, so that our then Present Selves can relive these wonderful adventures. We hope that we might inspire others to get out of their own way, get moving, be silly, have fun, and be yourself no matter what.

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