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➡️ Copy trading with the number 1 trader in Mexico and in the top 30 worldwide ✅

➡️ Capital on a broker. The company has no access to our capital ✅

➡️ We have the choice among several brokers (regulated and internationally renowned) ✅

➡️ Profitability 2-5% gross per day 🔥

➡️ Win-win system (digressive profit sharing depending on the chosen license) ✅

➡️ There is a free license to get started ✅

➡️ Ideal timing, we are in pre-launch and the company is still very little known in the world and still totally unknown in France at the time this summary is written ✅

➡️ Powerful, viable and supportive compensation plan 👌

➡️ Free registration and positioning possible now

➡️ Presentation PDF 👉 available on Telegram

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