Product in Tech: Building Products that Scale with OneVest

OneVest’s Director of Product will share how to build the skills needed for successful product management.

Are you curious about products and its place in startups? Are you an aspiring product manager? Are you a product owner or manager looking to learn from industry leaders about how to best scale your product and your company?

OneVest’s Director of Product, Joshua Kramer, as he discusses building product to scale – and building it right the first time so you can quickly build momentum. You’ll learn how to set up your product for exponential growth and attract thousands of users so that your product goes from being an idea on a napkin to a name brand piece of technology.

From the role of product at startups to how to build the skills needed for successful product management, you’ll learn everything there is to know about the processes and technology needed to scale your product and make it a success.

This presentation will be followed by a Q&A and open conversation with attendees.

About the Speaker: Joshua Kramer

Josh is a product leader and strategist skilled at building ventures from their inception. He has worked at some of Canada’s leading and largest companies, as well as Silicon Valley and local startups.

Josh was instrumental in bringing Design Thinking to Accenture Canada, generating innovative solutions for complex problems. He is an agile coach, and holds certifications in data analytics, scrum, and system architecture. Currently, he is leading the product & design teams at OneVest, a wealth management fintech.

About OneVest:

OneVest is building Wealth-as-a-Service (WaaS) for banking and non-banking partners, offering a turn-key wealth management platform that provides active management, goal based investing, and alternative investments assets and strategies that were previously only available to high wealth investors.

About Harvest:

Harvest is a talent studio building world-class teams through a suite of products and services for early-stage tech ventures in North America. We’re growing the pool of high caliber tech workers through our job network, and upskilling and international recruitment programs to fuel the innovation within these ventures. For talent looking to pave their path in the tech space, we know exactly what tech companies are looking for and how to find you the right fit.


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