Post GATE Counselling | GATE 2021 | Civil Engineering (CE)| By B. Singh Sir (Ex. IES),CMD MADE EASY

Finally, IIT Bombay declares the GATE 2021 result ahead of time. Now wherein the students are celebrating their success that they have achieved in GATE 2021 because of all their efforts and hard work, on the other hand their mind is full of doubts and questions related to what after GATE.

We have been receiving a lot of queries from students like what option they should prefer after GATE? Should they choose a PSU as a career or go for other studies? What all PSU’s are they eligible for, how they can utilize their score? In addition to it a thousands of other questions.

Therefore, in order to help the students choose the right path and answer all their questions and queries regarding the CUT-OFF for IISc/IITs/NITs as well as PSUs MADE EASY is conducting this LIVE GATE 2021 Post GATE Counselling session. In this session, Mr. B. Singh (Ex.IES) CMD, MADE EASY Group will discuss about the ranking of IITs & NITs and specialization priority of Post-Graduate courses and will share lot of other useful information for the students which will help them in choosing the right path.

A must watch video for all GATE 2021 aspirants to get answers to all their questions.

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