Playa del Carmen Real Estate Investment market overview & case study

Playa del Carmen Real Estate Investment market overview & case study

Luigi & I sat down to discuss the Playa del Carmen real estate investment market, and went through a detailed case study of an actual condo.

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Time stamps

00:00 Introduction
01:00 Why invest in real estate in Playa del Carmen
03:40 The Mexican economy
06:56 Walking on 5th avenue Playa del Carmen
08:08 Apartment visit in Playa del Carmen
10:20 Real estate maintenance in emerging markets
11:46 Luigi my real estate buyer’s agent in the Riviera Maya
13:00 In which neighbourhoods to invest in real estate in Playa de Carmen
17:00 New real estate layouts post covid
23:10 Airbnb regulations in Playa de Carmen
24:30 Dollarized economy in Playa del Carmen
25:00 Mortgages in the Riviera Maya
29:25 Mexico’s geopolitical neutrality
32:00 Buying coastal real estate in Mexico using a bank trust
33:30 Exact rental yield calculation of a real estate investment in Playa del Carmen
34:30 Seasonality in Playa del Carmen
40:10 Digital nomads investing in real estate in Playa del Carmen

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