Persepolis (Iran) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Persepolis in Iran.
Persepolis, City Of The Persians, is located within a fertile plain surrounded by mountains in what is today the Iranian province of Fars. The ruins of the former residence of the Achaemenid Empire are one of the greatest and most impressive palace complexes in the world, with mighty gateways, extensive barracks, reception and audience halls, as well as royal palaces. It is the most important architectural legacy of the first Persian Empire which had its heyday between the sixth and fourth centuries B.C. Dareios The Great began construction of his ceremonial capital city shortly after he had attained power as Third Emperor of Persia. Although he already had two capital cities, Pasargadae and Susa, he wanted to present to the world a third impressive city. For fifty eight years, Ionic stonemasons, Babylonian brick makers, Median and Egyptian goldsmiths, worked in Persepolis and created what was an indelible symbol of the Achaemenid Empire. Today, cleared of rubble and sand, its former glory can be imagined in full: Persepolis the magnificent!

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