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Patagonia Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Patagonia.
Patagonia is the most southerly region in Argentina and the second largest state in South America. A dream destination of strong winds, endless plains, glacial landscapes and total isolation at the end of the world.In the Tierra Del Fuego region, Ushuaia is known as the Gateway to Antarctica and is a small town that has experienced a great boom in recent years. It is difficult to believe that not long ago nothing but the wooden huts of Anglican missionaries stood here, those who introduced Christianity to the Fireland Indians in 1869. The Tierra Del Fuego National Park was founded in 1960 and is very accessible. The Rio Pipo snakes through the varied landscape and more than sixty thousand hectares cover the border with Chile surrounded by snow covered mountains that survey the land below. Only a handful of people are allowed to visit Penguin Island, closely supervised by a guide and restricted to well-defined pathways. It is fascinating to watch the Magellan Penguins, which actually bray like donkeys, as they waddle along in true penguin-like comical fashion. From the Lago Nordenskjöld there is a wonderful view of the park’s natural landmark, the two thousand five hundred metre high Torres Del Paine. The remains of a dead guanako indicate that the park is also the habitat of a legendary yet dreaded predator, the puma. Patagonia is an ancient rock and savannah landscape that has been created out of fire, water, wind and ice and is one of the oldest landscapes on Planet Earth. Constantly changing but also frozen in the mists of time itself!

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