NYC Winter Travel Vlog: What to Eat, Wear, and Do in NYC 2021

Hello YouTube Family!

Christmas has come and gone, but the spirit is very much alive in my soul! In today’s video, I’m sharing a vlog from my trip to NYC this winter around Christmas time. Previously, I created a travel capsule for this trip (linked below), and I wanted to show it in action! I had a wonderful and was able to keep warm even though I didn’t have a large coat. This was a great trip with my husband and in-laws, and I hope it gives you some travel inspiration for whenever your next trip is possible! All of the vendors from this trip are linked below, and nothing in this video is sponsored: these are honest opinions. If you want to know what to wear, eat, do, and see in New York City, then check out this video and the vendors below. Please enjoy! As always, thanks for watching!
Love, love, love – Lauren


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