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MyHeritageDNA all ethnicities – Music of the world

Irish, scottish and welsh music: La Fuente, Funk D – Irish (or) B.o.B – Throwback ft. Chris Brown.
Nepali music: Luki – Drop That Shit Back (Thomas Hart Dubstep Mix) or Jeao – Get Funky.
Kenyan music: NovaQue – Cuba (Original mix).
Iberian music: Elemental – Helical (Currential Soundtrack).
Baltic and Indigenous Amazonian: Wordly Instrumental- Mr. Moore Music.
Balkan and Geek music: Epidavros – PRH (or) Ikarus Game.
Central Asian: KMLN – Bunzi feat. N.I.M (Original Mix).
West Asian: Caravanserai – Karunesh.

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