My Top 5 CryptoCurrency Choices! (BTC/ETH/BAT/OXT/MCO)

This is not financial advice.

Ethereum allows for unbanked and underbanked people to access financial support like loans and interest rate and a “savings” account. Ethereum also allows for creating video games that can be very unique, it’s hard to go into short detail about the possibilities of dapp gaming but its potential is amazing in short I will say.

Brave allows for privacy and allows people to be happy to recieve ads as they are paid by them. They are more likely to check the ads. This is good for the person and for the advertiser. Allowing the person to choose how many ads per hour also helps the person be happy instead of annoyed at the large amount of ads always intruding in on them. Brave Browser also allows for people to be more supporting of content creators financially as you earn BAT from simply surfing the web like usual. This is very helpful and is a reason why I think BAT will raise in value.

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Orchid allows people to use a VPN service that doesn’t sell any of their information or track them and also doesn’t cost a monthly fee. You pay in OXT tokens so you don’t put any debit card or bank info on the app. Just an ethereum wallet from metamask generally. You will only pay for the bandwith you use, once you turn on the VPN you start paying, once you turn it off, you stop paying. allows for users to get a debit card that has really good deals like 3% back on all purchases and 100% back on subscriptions like netflix and spotify. All you need to do is stake a specific amount of MCO tokens for 6 months to request one of the debit cards. The more MCO tokens staked, the better the debit card.

All of these cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin solve real world issues and enable privacy while also doing it for lower cost than regular. This is just one of many reasons why I think these cryptocurrencies will succeed.


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