Mutual Fund – Beginners Guide | Best Investment Strategy | My Portfolio Performance Tracking #shorts

Let’s learn some of the best investment strategies together related to mutual funds and the stock market.

Let’s understand the basics of mutual funds and how to select the right funds.

Let’s understand the fundamental and technical concepts in the share market.

To help people(beginners/new investors) to understand investment risks/benefits in mutual funds by tracking my portfolio. Purely for educational purposes and to motivate people to start their investment journey as early as possible.

In mutual fund there are many categories available like Equity Funds, Debt Funds and Index Funds/ETFS

You have to choose the funds based on your risk appetite.

Please consider below things before choosing the funds,

1. Low Expense Ratio, High AUM Size, Tracking Error, Exit Load, Past Performance and Fund Manager Experience.

2. You should invest in DIRECT plans not REGULAR plans, because expense ratio will be less in DIRECT plans.

Long term is the best investment option for everyone. If you wish to invest for a short term, you have to invest during the market correction.

You can do both SIP as well as Lump Sum investment as explained in this video.

If there is any fall in the market, that is the best time to invest more (we can accumulate more units).

Best of luck to create your wealth in the long term and as well as to achieve your goals in your life (to buy a house, children education, marriage expenses, to buy a car and retirement plans, etc…)

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Note : This video is only for educational purposes. Mutual funds and Equity investments are subject to market risk, please consult your financial adviser or do your own research before investing.

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