Multifamily Real Estate Investing is DEAD – Completely FINISHED!

Multifamily Real Estate Investing is DEAD – Completely FINISHED!

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We are witnessing the build up of one of the biggest real estate crashes in history. Multi family real estate has received so much attention over the last few years due to the massive rent increases coupled with low interest rates and the record sale prices that investors were receiving on their deals. We saw so much attention from both brand new real estate investors as well as older and more seasoned real estate investors who have bought, rehabilitated and flipped many multi family apartment buildings.

We are seeing now interest rates increasing as well as the landscape and relationship between both landlord and tenant change dramatically over the last few years. I believe this inflation, some would call hyperinflation will end up being pushed and blamed on the greedy landlord for increasing rents and pushing off costs onto the tenant become a big issue for property owners.

I believe we will see more landlord tenant laws come into place making it more challenging for landlords and tenants to find a common ground. I also believe we will see more large scale corporations step in and acquire large portfolios of single family rentals as well as multi family rentals.

This coupled with new property upgrades that are coming. A lot of change is coming to multi family real estate. Please look into these changes yourself, they are real, they are happening and real estate investing will never be the same because of it.


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