Money, Money, Money

When cheese costs $20 a block, what should you do with your money? University of Waikato alumni discuss the topic that impacts everyone – money.

1:55 If you were gifted $100,000, what would you do with it?
5:41 Looking to get into real estate market?
14:24 What risks were taken when starting a business?
15:27 SWOT explained for risk analysis
17:02 How do you look at and plan for failure?
22:34 What can you learn from failure?
24:30 Cryptocurrency – is it a fad?
26:47 What are disruptive trends from technology in the Real Estate market?
30:20 Which industries are attractive to invest in?
34:25 Risk profile, thrill capital and balance
35:55 How to transition into business creating impact and wealth
40:16 What kind of start-ups do we need
42:48 Thinking of investing? DIY or broker?
47:37 Trends in real estate
52:02 If you can’t get into property, what can you do with your money?
56:34 Final word and top tips from presenters

Jen Baird: REINZ CEO
Billie Jo Hohepa: Business owner and entrepreneur, B’Det
Liz Koh: Financial and retirement planning advisor and chartered accountant, Enrich Retirement
Stuart Anderson: Investment Adviser, Craigs Investment Partners
Facilitator: Matt Bolger, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Waikato Management School

General Advice Only: This presentation contains advice of a general nature only and has been prepared without taking into account any particular person’s investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs. We recommend that before any person act on any information contained within this presentation, they should seek advice from a financial adviser about their financial situation, risk profile and investment objectives. The University of Waikato, presenters on this presentation, or partners and employees, do not accept any liability for the results of any actions or decisions taken or not taken upon the basis of the information in this presentation, or for any negligent mis-statements, errors or omissions in this presentation. Those acting upon the information in this presentation do so entirely at their own risk.

A disclosure statement is available free of charge from


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