Michael Burry predicts Disinflation, Supply Glut, & Retail Downturn

Michael Burry has recently predicted a retail downturn arising from an inventory glut. He has alluded to the idea that retail companies – such as Target – have amassed significant inventory (both due to supply chain lags and due to issues with accurately predicting demand). This has also raised issues with how inflation and interest rates have adversely impacted demand. Michael Burry has then noted that this might result in some discounting and disinflation.

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Time stamps
* 0:00 Overview
* 0:47 Michael Burry predicts disinflation and a retail downturn
* 5:34 Retailers’ financials
* 11:47 Investment implications
* 14:01 How will this impact the Federal Reserve
* 15:05 Overall thoughts

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