Marseille Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Marseille in France.
Marseille is the most important city in Provence and is situated on the south coast of France.

From a distance, one of Marseille’s main landmarks rises high above the harbor, the seafarers’ church of Notre-Dame de la Garde. With abundant internal furnishings, Byzantine arches, golden mosaics and numerous votives, it is a splendid structure inspired by Byzantine Romanic design.

The most impressive religious building in Marseille is a fortified monastery church that dates back to the 5th century, the mighty Abbaye Saint-Victor. Deep down in the rock is an Early Christian crypt and a number of stone sarcophaguses that contain the remains of various holy martyrs that date back to the Roman persecution of the Christians.

A boat trip from Cassis leads to one of the most beautiful coastal areas in Europe, Les Calanques, a unique nature reserve where shining white limestone cliffs plunge more than 400 metres into the deep blue sea and extend for 20 kilometres.

Sur le pont D’avignon is a world famous French song that is familiar to both young and old alike. It is a song of dance on the bridge of the Pont Saint Bénézet but it is more likely that the people here once danced under the bridge, as that is the location of its bars!

A place of radiant light and sweet aromas, with villages that nestle in the rocks like eagles’ nests and with cities that have an historic past, Provence is indeed a captivating land full of fascinating contrasts.

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