let fight tribal politics together.. Gambia is our Gambia


3 thoughts on “let fight tribal politics together.. Gambia is our Gambia

  1. The statement “let’s fight tribal politics together” is a call for unity and an end to divisive tribalism. The sentiment that “Gambia is our Gambia” suggests that all citizens should come together to work for the betterment of the country, regardless of their tribal affiliations. This message of unity and cooperation is important for fostering a peaceful and prosperous society.

  2. The plea of “let’s unite against tribal politics” is a rallying cry for an end to divisive tribalism and a call for solidarity. The idea that “Gambia belongs to us all” underscores the need for all citizens to join forces for the betterment of the nation, regardless of their tribal background. This emphasis on unity and collaboration is vital for promoting a harmonious and thriving community.

  3. The phrase “let’s fight tribal politics together” urges people to unite and put an end to the harmful effects of divisive tribalism. Likewise, the notion that “Gambia is our Gambia” implies that every citizen, regardless of their tribal affiliations, should work together towards the advancement of the country. This call for unity and cooperation is crucial in promoting a harmonious and flourishing society.

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