Leave Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai to live a happy life?

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If you buy a bungalow in Kerala, it can cost you somewhere around 50 to 75 lakh rupees.
If you buy it in Delhi, it might cost you approximately four or five Crore rupees easily.
And if you buy it in Mumbai, that same bungalow might cost you even 50 crore rupees.

Point of the story is – Living standard in Tier 1 Metros is super high.

So shouldn’t we shift to tier 2/tier 3 cities in India?

In this video, I explain this very concept that why is it sensible to move to a Tier 2, 3 city in India and save your expenses. I will help you understand how and when should you do it.

Do watch this video till the end to have a holistic understanding 🙂
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